June 15, 2013

A little bit of Holland.


We've had a very rainy summer and this morning it was cool and a little drizzly -- definitely not beach weather -- so after breakfast we drove up to Holland to go to the Farmer's Market.  We bought some great heirloom tomatoes, a couple kinds of lettuce and some pepper plants.

On our way back to Saugatuck we stopped at Dutch Village, a replica of a 100-year old village that's part amusement park and part tribute to the Netherlands.

The girls went on the zip line, the flying swings and the pump cars, which were move to Dutch Village from Kiddieland.  (The girls and I loved Kiddieland, which was here in Chicago, and were so sad when it closed!) 




We also learned all about how they make cheese and wooden shoes.




We watched a Dutch dancing performance.


And the girls learned a Dutch dance too.  Look at the boy in the middle above.  One of his wooden shoes went flying off during the performance.


We saw a beautiful handmade organ and Eric got weighed on a 200-year old scale to see if he was guilty of witchcraft.  


He wasn't.

That's a relief.  

We had a really great time at Dutch Village. 

By the time we got back to saugatuck, the weather had warmed up so we headed to the beach for a couple hours and then spent our evening in downtown before heading back to the cabin to play cards.





  1. What a sweet vacation! We have been rained out this summer as well - driving the kids nuts since what they like to do most is play outside :)

  2. We almost went there last week! We spent the week in Door County in WI and had planned on visiting family in MI on our way home. My mom had taken each of us to Holland when we were babies and we had planned to take my kids there. Sadly, our plans for MI fell through. I enjoyed getting to see some pictures from there!

  3. Oh, funny. I should have just waited another post before I recommended Holland! So glad you enjoyed your time here!



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