April 23, 2013

An Earth Day Project

One of my closest friends, Laura, founded a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to children with autism.  Laura was inspired to begin Good Dog! after her son Elliott received a service dog, Orbit, and she saw firsthand what a powerful change it made in his life. 

This is Elliott and Orbit.

Laura explains, "Like so many families with ASD children, we have explored numerous therapies and modalities in our attempt to find just the right combination to unlock and unleash the beauty living within our son. It is with great joy and pride that we now get to share our amazing experience and – along with the help of our professional partners – the expertise in autism companion dog ownership."

Good Dog! just launched THE Do Good! PROJECT.  It's a fun way for kids to do something good for the environment and help provide a child with an autism service dog.

Dogs love to chew on water bottles, but the plastic can be harmful to them. THE Do Good! PROJECT encourages kids to make water bottle covers out of unwanted clothes.  The covers are simple and fun to make and don't require any sewing or gluing.  And since they're made out of unwanted clothing, they're good for the environment too.

Good Dog! puts the covers on empty water bottles and gives the completed toys away at festivals and other events to people who make donations to their organization.  As a result, dogs get a fun new and safe toy and Good Dog! gets to bring more love and acceptance to the lives of children with autism through autism service dog companionship.

Oh, and dogs really love these toys!

This is an amazing service project for your kids, a scout group or a church youth group.  The project is simple enough for young children and meaningful enough for older children and teens.   The only project cost is for postage to send the completed covers to California.  The best part is that  kids learn about upcycling old clothing and also do something tangible to help a child with autism.

If you want to learn more about how to have your child or group participate in THE Do Good! PROJECT, please email Laura at gooddogautism@gmail.com.   And tell her I said hello!


  1. Thanks for sharing! This would be an awesome project for our Cub Scout Den.

  2. What a great way to help others! I'm tucking this one away for either my daughter's youth group at church or girl scouts! Thank you.



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