March 26, 2013

Spring Break

It was snowing when we left for the airport yesterday so I had on my down coat.

I needed to wear it today.

On Amelia Island.

In Florida.


We're here for a week for Spring Break and, just like most of the country, it's unseasonably cold.

It was in the 50s today, which the local news called "frigid."  That made me laugh since this Chicagoan would never consider the 50s "frigid."

It is beautiful, clear and sunny though, and it's supposed to get warmer each day we're here.

We have a golf cart for the week and drove all over the property today.  It definitely feels like a vacation when your primary mode of transportation is a golf cart.


We spent some time walking on the beach and the girls collected shells so they can set up a "Shell Store."



We went into Fernandina Beach for dinner.  Fernandina Beach is a charming, historic town that's filled with shops, restaurants and brightly-colored Victorian homes.  I loved it!


IMG_1085 copy



Our chilly day ended with a beautiful full moon over the ocean.  Here's hoping for a little warmer day -- and as much fun! -- tomorrow.


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  1. We live just a little ways inland from Fernandina! Love the Mexican Restaurant downtown... and we love to order Crab Cakes from Sandy Bottoms oceanfront grill and eat them while watching the dolphins. Enjoy your time, and I hope it warms up for you, it's really cold today. :)



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