December 16, 2012

An oh-so-Christmasy day.


We started our day at Santa Brunch.  It's an annual tradition and the girls had a long -- and animated -- chat with Santa who even reminded them that they'd sung for him the year before.  We had wonderful food and then the girls had Christmas trees painted on their cheeks.




Eric had to go out of town later that afternoon so I took the girls to downtown Chicago.


They thought we were going down to see the tree and the Macy's windows but I surprised them with tickets to "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."  We had seats in the first row so they got to peer down at the orchestra and chat with the conductor while we waited for the show to begin.



The play was charming and a perfect adaptation of the book.  All three of us loved it!  After the show, we headed to Macy's to look at the windows and drive by the tree.

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