November 20, 2012

Eagles and American Flags

Michal and I were driving home this morning after dropping Kenna at school -- she has a cold and is staying home today -- and she asked me what career I would choose other than being a mom.

She said, "I mean a career like being a fashion designer."

Being a fashion designer is the absolute best of all possible careers in her opinion.

I told her I would choose the job I had before I became a mom.

She then asked, "You mean when you were the vice president of marketing?"

I answered, "Yep.  That job."

She thought for a second and then asked, "At your job did you have crossed American flags with eagles on top of them on your desk?"

"Nope.  Just a stapler and too many piles of paper."

"Did you have a giant golden eagle on your wall?"

"Nope.  Just some art work on the wall."

"Mom, please tell me there was an eagle somewhere in your office!"

"Nope.  Not a single eagle."

"Mom, you should have been a fashion designer."


  1. so cute. Kate wants to be a fashion designer!!! She wants a sewing machinefro CHrsitmas:)

  2. I love these conversations! :o)

  3. Love that you share these moments.
    Are you doing your Christmas give-a-way this year? My mom makes precius kids clothes. On many occasions I have mentioned how much I love your site. She would do a give a way if you are interested. She is listed as My Little Monkeys Clothing on Facebook. Her website will launch soon.

  4. She is smart Kristi! I love reading this post. Thanks for sharing.



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