October 24, 2012

So disappointing.

I am a huge fan of Target's collaborations with well-known designers, and I adore Nate Berkus, so I couldn't wait to see his new collection for Target.

A friend and I headed to the store today to get a look at the goods.

And, break my heart, it was so disappointing.

One of the things I love about Nate is that he believes a home should tell a story about the people who live there.  He was one of the first "big" designers who encouraged people to not buy expensive, designer items that didn't mean anything to them but to instead fill their home with things that are important and meaningful to them.

So I had really hoped that this line would feature beautiful basics to go with the personal, meaningful things people already have.  Instead it's a weird combination of odd knock offs of what seem like personal items from someone else's home -- in some cases his -- and really cheap looking and feeling pillows and bed linens.

This plastic turtle shell, that is supposed to look like a lacquered turtle shell, had my friend and I laughing in the aisle.  (I'm really sorry Nate!)  It does come in green and yellow and it might be cute in a little boy's room . . .

Here is Nate's living room in his Chicago apartment.  It has a real lacquered turtle shell on the wall that I'm sure means something to him.

The one thing I saw that did look amazing, is his new book, "The Things That Matter."  He was here in Chicago signing copies yesterday.

I wish I would have known.


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I think this goes to show you that some people will display anything to sell and call it classy. I like some of the things on his show but he does a disservice to people really interested in adopting new styles when he brings on cheap, cheap, cheap items that are made of plastic or are poorly constructed. They do not enhance anyone's living quarters. I think you have such good instincts in your home decorating and party decorating that I would trust you over Nate.

    1. Oh my gosh. Thank you for the really nice compliment!

  2. Totally be awesome in a Franklin themed room!! :)

    1. I totally agree. I think it would be cool in a science classroom too.



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