October 5, 2012


It's starting to look like Fall around here . . .  the leaves on the maple and oak trees are changing colors and falling to the ground, which the girls love.



It was in the high 70s yesterday and today it dropped down in the 50s today.   That's how you really know it's Fall -- you're wearing shorts one day and a coat the next.



While I was taking these pictures, the girls asked me if I would take "romantic pictures" of them.  I had no idea what they were talking about.  They explained, "You know Mom, when we walk away from you holding hands and you take pictures from the back."

My eight-year olds are now photo stylists.




  1. Oh my goodness. When did these girls suddenly grow up?! I have been reading your blog since they were babies (I found it through an adoption blog website) and it just completely flabbergasts me that these are the two little babies I used to read about! I can't believe so much time has gone by. Such lovely little (big) girls.

  2. I second that comment! They look very grown up in these pictures! I really like their outfits too. They are casual, but very stylish! I'd wear either outfit! :) I too have read your blog since you traveled to China. I can very clearly remember a cute picture of Kenna in the Red Carpet Lounge before boarding a flight home!

    1. Thank you for reading for so long. I remember that picture of Kenna in the Red Carpet Lounge in her Hanna PJs! She was such a little peanut.

      Eric commented how grown up they look in these pictures too. It's funny because they are so petite that I sometimes forget that they look so much more mature now. I want those little baby faces back!

  3. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I second the other comments . . . I too have read since you came home from China, and where have the years gone?
    I'd love for you to do a post about where you are buying their clothes now . . . now that they want "cool" clothes! Adrienne has finally entered that stage, and I'm at a loss!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos,


    1. Thank you for reading for so long. Sincerely.

      Oh, the clothes. Maybe I will do a post on it. I miss the Matilda Jane years!

  4. Beautiful pics. I can never tell the girls apart, but whoever is wearing blue and gray - love that first photo of her, but she looks TOO grown up :)
    Happy fall!

    1. It's Michal in the blue and gray. That's her "teenager" smile! And I so agree that she looks too grown up.

  5. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I've been following your story for years too! We also have a daughter from China, Paige, who is in 3rd grade and turned eight this past July. You mention that your girls are petite, but they always look tall to me. Our daughter is still in 5/5T pants and a 6/small shirt. Can I ask what sizes your girls wear?

    1. They generally wear a size 7, but size 7 pants are almost always too long and have to have an adjustable waist. Michal is actually a little bigger than Kenna but in most things they wear the same size. They are much tinier than most of their classmates but they aren't particularly skinny, just petite. One of their closest friends, also from China, is on of the few who is smaller than they are. It sounds like your daughter is about the same size as their friend.

      Thank you for following for so long! It means a lot.

  6. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I also have been following your blog since China, it got me thru years of waiting. My daughter is now 4 and I love to watch your girls grow up and see where my daughter is headed. Your blog is my very favorite and always come away inspired. Your great style and very positive and joyful child raising is a great way to start the day please keep it up.



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