November 5, 2012

Somewhere Between {Updated}


I saw this movie last week and it really is a must see!  My friend Marianne and I cried our way through the entire thing.  It is playing here again in January and the film maker and girls will be at the showings on the first weekend.

I'm planning to see it again and can't wait to have the opportunity to ask the girls questions.

There is an amazing new documentary, currently being shown across the country, that follows four girls who were all adopted from China and live very different lives in different parts of the United States.  The film maker, Linda Goldstein Knowlton, an adoptive parent, allows us to see what it's like for these girls to come-of-age in today's America as trans-racial adoptee.

She followed these four typical American teenagers for three years.  In the process she captured their struggles with great honesty and courage and created, what I believe, is a tremendous gift for those of us who have adopted children from China who aren't yet teenagers but soon will be.

I have only seen the trailer for the movie but from what I've seen, I think it's something every parent of a child from China should see.

You can see the schedule of where it's being shown here.  If you do go see it, I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. Yes, it does look good. I have both a daughter and a son adopted from China. I will probably see this when it comes to Philly in October.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Are you going to see it in Evanston next month?

    1. We have a commitment that night. I've emailed with the film's distributor and they are hoping to show it for a week at a different theater in Chicago. I'm crossing my fingers that that happens.

  3. Kristi, I saw it in NYC in Aug. and I can tell you it was amazing. The film was very moving and the stories were beautifully told. 3 of the 4 girls were there as well as Linda for Q&A. They are so open and honest it was very touching. I highly recommend the film. It is a lot to process but a must see for anyone touched by adoption especially those of us who are Moms and Dads to children adopted from China. I saw it with a dear friend and adoptive Mom (we were in the same travel group for our first adoption). I plan to bring my husband to see the film in Boston in Oct. See it if you can. Sue

  4. We saw it in Tironto last year. It was truly incredible. It was mind boggling , thought provoking and beautiful. We had a Q and A after with the film maker. My girlfriends and I went out for debriefing and am still processing the messages . I want to share it with my daughter as we have been back to china and plan to go back agin, a must see DVD and I can't wit to have a copy

  5. Wish they would bring it to FL. Thanks for sharing the info!

  6. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Just saw it on our local public tv (I live near Toronto)A very powerful movie especially for those who have been touched by adoption. These girls seem so wise beyond their years. I was especially touched by the response of one girl when questioned about her feelings toward the word abandonment.I think I will have to view it again to get more out of it as I found myself very emotional during parts of the film

  7. Hi Kristi,
    I just saw that Somewhere Between has been confirmed for a showing in Naperville on November 26 in case you were interested. I'm planning on going to that one and then hopefully again in January. It sounds like something I will want to see twice. Christy Zima

  8. I just went to the website and it looks like it's coming out on video in February. Very excited about that--there are no plans for it to be shown in San Antonio, and I was hoping to find a way to watch it myself anyway, to help me decide when my daughter will be old enough to see it. The website recommended age 13, but I'm thinking she may be ready before that. She's 8 now.

  9. Wonderful movie! I saw it Sunday and highly recommend it to anyone. It's not just a movie about Chinese adoption; the film has heart, emotion, and love delicately woven through the fabric of identity.



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