September 2, 2012

A little more Door County love.

We started our day today with breakfast in Ephraim.

Clearly, someone needed a little more sleep than she got last night.


While we waited for breakfast, the girls built cream-and-sugar castles.


I think someone else needed a little more sleep too.



After breakfast we visited an apple and cherry orchard and bought some incredible Honeycrisp apples.  (Did you know that Honeycrisp apples were "invented" in the Midwest by crossing two other varieties of apples?  They are now the most popular apple variety.)

This would be Michal's "sophisticated" smile.  I think it looks like she's up to something.  She insists it's how teenagers smile.  I have no idea where she gets these things!


IMG_4630 copy

Then we headed to the beach and back to the swimming pool.  If we left it up to Kenna and Michal, we would have spent every minute of our time in Door County at the swimming pool.


After dinner, we went to one of my very favorite places in Door County -- the Anderson Warehouse in Ephraim. 


It's a warehouse that's right on the water, which is now a gallery, and is covered with grafitti.


It started with boaters who would paint the name of their boat on the warehouse and the has been continued by boater and visitors who are still invited to paint their names on the side of the warehouse.  One of these times we're going to have to bring some paint and a paint brush with us!

IMG_4760 copy


From the dock behind the warehouse you can watch the sun set and there are simply no prettier sunsets than those in Door County.  Seriously.  I grew up in Arizona and we have beautiful sunsets there but the ones in Door County simply take your breath away.

IMG_4680 copy


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    The last photo doesn't come through.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know!

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Thanks. The photos are just beautiful.



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