August 9, 2012

Day 70/87 {Summer}


August 9, 2012

8:30 p.m.

Farm Dinner at Heritage Prairie Farm

Tonight Eric and I went to a really wonderful farm dinner.

Heritage Prairie Farm is in the Fox Valley, west of Chicago.  They grow produce year round and also keep bees and produce honey.

This afternoon we had a thunderstorm and it got surprisingly chilly outside.  By the time the dinner began, it had stopped raining and was lovely, but cool, outside.  The dinner was in a beautiful white tent with lanterns and white lights hanging from the ceiling and candles and flowers in mason jars decorating the tables.

Every item on the menu included heirloom tomatoes -- even the dessert.  The chef came out and told us about each dish and shared what variety of tomato he'd used in each of them and why he chose that variety.  Eric and I were laughing that it was like watching an episode of "Iron Chef" where the secret ingredient was heirloom tomatoes.

The farm holds farm dinners year round and we can't wait to go again.


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I love this menu! Thank you for sharing. How was the tomato popsicle? I would imagine refreshing on a hot night.

    1. The tomato popsicle was interesting! There were also hibiscus and lime popsicles, which I liked better. Everything else on the menu was amazing. The salad with gorgonzola was so good and the dessert was divine. And it was actually unseasonably cool last night. It's been so hot here that it was strange to be a little chilly.

  2. Oh that sounds divine. I was also thinking Iron Chef...a favorite show in our house! Glad you had a fun evening...if not a little chilly!

  3. Oh that menu is right up my alley. I could eat tomatoes right off the vine, just like an apple. Sounds like a lovely time.



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