June 11, 2012

The Recital

The girls had their piano recital this past weekend.  They each played their own piece and also had a duet.  

They both played beautifully.

I never had piano lessons and only half-heartedly played the clarinet in middle school -- all that sucking on the reed to get it wet before playing made me a little squeamish.  It also didn't help that my parents banished me to the back patio to practice.  Somehow, being asked to play outside just screams, "You are really a terrible clarinet player and we don't want to listen to you!"  (In their defense, I was a terrible clarinet player and I wouldn't have wanted to listen to me either.)

I am amazed at how well Kenna and Michal play and how quickly they are improving.  And that's a good thing since it would be really inconvenient to push the piano onto the back patio.

IMG_0895 copy

IMG_0962 copy

IMG_0957 copy

IMG_0941 copy


  1. Kristi, your daughters are simply amazing!!!
    I was expecting something like "Chopsticks" and they are playing beautiful music! I am so impressed and in awe. (okay, and jealous ;).
    Michal and Kenna are very talented and this is just another example of what a great mom you are because I know they benefit from your encouragement.
    Signing up my twins for lessons tomorrow-hoping it's not too late-just kidding! However, I am going to take the lessons they do have more seriously. Thank you!

    1. Oh Susan, thank you so much for your kind words. Kenna and Michal love music and are crazy musical. It's a fun thing to watch!

  2. WOW... Very talented girls! I expect something less complicated for being so young. Glad you did not push the piano onto the back patio.

  3. Your girls are just lovely, and I am so glad they are being given the opportunity to discover and develop their talents and love of music. Congratulations on a beautiful recital Kenna and Michal!

  4. Kristi -

    Wow! Your girls really are musical. Their playing is just beautiful!! And, I'm still in awe of their singing abilities!

    Eliza Grace took lessons but we lost our teacher. I feel terrible that I have not found her another teacher but your girls have inspired me. Thank you Kenna and Michal!!

    Does their teacher use the Suzuki method,a more traditional approach or a combination? Just curious.

  5. Your girls did excellent! I have played the piano since I was nine and taught private piano for almost twenty years! I was very impressed with your girls!



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