June 26, 2012

The "Girls Rule Getaway"


The girls and I packed up the car and headed out yesterday morning for what they've dubbed the "Girls Rule Getaway."  We're spending four days at Lake James in Indiana -- just the three of us.

We've been to the pool.

We've eaten ice cream.


We've been to the craft room where the girls made "Peace" t-shirts that they've declared are "completely and totally hip."


They've caught fireflies.


And we've played UNO on the glassed-in porch, overlooking the lake.

And tonight we saw "Brave" at a great vintage theater.




We're having a really great time!


  1. Girls' vacations RULE! So fun and so happy for you guys. We saw Brave this afternoon too and Ro and Ree loved it, we all did. Neat movie. I've put a bug in TubaDad's ear about China in next summer. I can tell he's mulling it over...!

  2. Kristi, where did you get the little "super hero" dresses?

  3. Your trip looks so fun! Your girls always look like they are best friends! Do they ever fight? Enjoy every minute! The summer is flying by too fast!

    1. Kenna and Michal are extraordinarily close and have an amazing relationship. They also are pretty typical siblings and have moments when they don't get along. They both are very competitive and strong-willed and that's not always the best thing. :) Thankfully, they are quick to make up and move on.

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    What a great trip! Love the "theme" . . . and both girls are looking quite "hip"!
    May I ask where you found the aviator-style sunglasses?

    Interestingly, Adrienne did not like Brave - - I'm so surprised! She found it scary (and she is 9!) I wasn't with her, so can't speak to the details of what exactly she found scary.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!


    1. The sunglasses were $3.25 at the resort gift shop. I think they're so cute!

      I agree with Adrienne that "Brave" is scary in parts. It's definitely not appropriate for littler kids. It seems that all the Disney princess movies are scary though. Kenna and Michal still haven't seen "Sleeping Beauty" for that very reason.

      I did think the animation in "Brave" was absolutely stunning and pretty amazing from a technical standpoint. I also really appreciated that it included a strong mother.

  5. Such fun memories! Hope you all had a great time!



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