May 23, 2012

Seven years ago.

Seven years ago today we saw these sweet faces for the first time.

Michal and Kenna Referral

This picture still takes my breath away.

I remember slowly scrolling through the pictures and saying, "They're so cute!" about 150 times.

I still say that.



And looking at them still takes my breath away.


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Has it really been 7 years that I have been reading your great blog? It can't be.

    And so, how was Mother's Day :)?

  2. I have never seen their referral photo......oh my goodness, SO ADORABLE!!!
    Happy 7 Years to you and your beautiful girls!!



  3. Yes they ARE still so cute!!! Happy Family Day!!

  4. aww, so sweet. Happy forever family day!!

  5. Happy referral day! They were (and still are!) such cuties!

  6. I LOVE how their hair falls the same now as in the baby pics on their foreheads:) So beautiful!!

  7. Anonymous2:42 PM

    They look so happy! You're an awesome mom!

  8. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I think I have been following you since day one, and back then, never dreamed we would be blessed with twins too! They are and were oh so cute! Happy Referral Day :-)

  9. Anonymous5:56 PM

    While waiting for our second little girl, I found your blog. I feel in love with those two little faces and your blog. Can not believe it has been seven years that I have followed your blog. Even though I hardly ever have time to check it. Now that we have four little girls home from China I still enjoy seeing your update. Martine

  10. No wonder they take your breath away - absolutely gorgeous girls!

    Happy Seventh Referral Day to you!


  11. They are so beautiful. Wow, 7 years. time sure flies. Happy referral day anniversary.

  12. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Like others, I just can't believe it has been 7 years!! I've been reading your blog for a looooong time, and have so enjoyed watching your beautiful girls grow up.


  13. I remember your referral day very well since we were hoping to receive news of our 2nd daughter that day too, News of a twin referral is always so exciting and your announcement that afternoon was no exception. I followed along on your trip knowing we would be in Beijing and Nanchang for Cate in August. Your girls always look so happy and that's a defection of all the loving they receive from their parents. Happy Belated Referral Day! Barbara

  14. Just wanted to add that the word I meant was "reflection" typing in the iPad needs work! Barbara

  15. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Like Paige said, how cute their hair still looks similar! They were beautiful then as they are now! Even back then they were dressed so well! That photo is sooo adorable - looks like a backyard photo. Happy referral Day!



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