May 14, 2012

My sweet girl.

IMG_0147 copy

Kenna declares each and every morning that she's an early bird, climbs in my bed to snuggle and then promptly falls back asleep.  She comes home with clay, mud, marker, milk and all other manner of dirt and grime on her pants, shorts, hands and knees most days.  When I ask what happened the answer is always the same.

"I guess I was playing hard."

She makes friends easily and chats up anyone who will listen.  She is unbelievably analytical and there are times when you can literally see her thinking.  She is a gifted musician and it fascinates me to watch her play the piano with such grace and ease.   She loves to sing and dance and still loves princesses.  She chose to study Walt Disney for her famous person report and would live at Disney World if that were possible.

She adores her sister and often tells me things aren't as fun if Michal can't do them with her.  She also has a competitive streak and can't stand it if she thinks her sister got to do something she didn't.

She is funny and smart and as sweet as they come.

I am so happy that I am get to be her mom. 



  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Did you get whisked away on Mother's Day?

    1. I did! Mother's Day post next -- I know, just a bit late. This picture is actually from Mother's Day.



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