April 29, 2012

My Golden Girl


Kenna's favorite color is gold -- shiny, metallic, the-more-it-sparkles-the-better, gold.  She'll settle for yellow in a pinch but then she'll remind you that gold, not yellow, is actually her favorite color.

She tells almost anyone who will listen that she likes gold because it's unique and not many people choose it as their favorite color.

And that's so my Kenna -- wonderfully unique and oh-so-sparkly.


A couple weeks ago she changed her favorite color to turquoise.  This change happened because her BFF Greta -- that's how she refers to her, "my BFF Greta" -- changed her favorite color from gold to turquoise.  I guess there is  something in the BFF Handbook that states you and your BFF must have the same favorite color.

The color revolution lasted for almost one week.


And then she couldn't take it any more.  Gold bubbled back to the top and turquoise was quietly moved to second place.  She announced the change with an apology.

"Michal, I'm sorry but pink is now my third favorite color."

Pink is Michal's favorite color.

"Turquoise has moved to second, pink has moved to third and gold is my favorite again."


And that was it.  My shiny, shimmery, metallic-hue-loving girl was back.

All was right once again in the color world.  And even Greta doesn't seem to mind.

I guess she's never read the BFF Handbook.


50mm 1.2 lens
ISO 200
Aperture 2.5
The shutter speed varied.
It was really overcast and actually started raining right after I took these this afternoon.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Oh I jsut love the second one with the dandelions floating away!!

  2. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I love a girl who sticks to her convictions!

  3. Beautiful!! (How did you get that dandelion to stay perfect long enough to get a pic? Whenever I try to photograph the girls with dandies they practically disintegrate being picked. We need stronger dandies around here.)

  4. Lol, that was fun to read. :) My six year old little girl loves gold too. Pink and gold. And purple, baby blue and turqoise. That's how she always says. ;)

  5. Adorable!
    And hilarious ;)
    We haven't hit the BFF stage around here... I'm glad Kenna went back to her first love!

  6. These are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Love the hat too

  7. Beautiful!! That first pic is just perfect<3

  8. Oh my goodness. She is such a doll. Love, love, LOVE these pictures. Puffy Dandelions are my favorite!



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