April 16, 2012



The girls and I are spending the week in California with my friend Cara and her son.

And yes, we're spending a few days at Disneyland!

The girls couldn't be happier.

I am pretty darn happy too!


  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    You are so lucky the girls get so much time off school!

    1. Michal and Kenna are missing a week of school while we're in California. I arranged it with their teachers awhile ago. I am loaded down with math workbooks, journals and homework sheets!

      They also are going to have the chance to attend the International Robotics Competition and have a few two-on-one science lessons with Cara, who happens to be an elementary science teacher.

  2. What a wonderful, blessed life your girls have. A lovely, devoted mother (who has the most fantastic parties), travel, more travel, did I mention travel?, and so many fun experiences. What a fabulous life. ***sigh***.
    Our Guangzhou guide (who was also your guide) admonished us not to spoil our twins. I think she forgot to tell you that! (wink)
    Susan in FL who loves spoiling her girls :)

    1. Susan,

      Thank you for your incredibly sweet words.

      Kenna and Michal share my travel bug and are thankfully amazing travelers. I've often joked that I'd eat mac-n-cheese from the box for every meal if it meant I could use the extra money to take a trip.

      And Xixi forgot to give me the "don't spoil your girls" speech! :)

  3. How exciting! We're visiting Disneyland this summer (first time for the whole family!) so any tips are very welcome!

  4. Can't beat Disney in So Cal- spent most of my life there. LOVE IT! So much fun!!



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