March 23, 2012

Treasure hunting.

We started our morning at a great place for breakfast called the Island Cow.


Then we headed to the beach to hunt for shells.  



After the beach we started a resort-wide scavenger hunt called ScoutAbout.  It's a treasure hunt through the property that leads you to 15 different places.  At each place there is information about the plant or animal you're searching for and a box with colored bracelets that correspond to a color-coded map.  The object of the hunt is to collect all 15 bracelets, which you then show to a staff member, who adds your name to the Wall of Fame.



Today the girls "found" nine things including:  brown pelicans, manatees, dolphins, a parrot named Sculley and Monarch butterflies.


Kenna was especially excited about seeing real manatees since she studied manatees for her first grade independent study project!

We ended our day at the pool.  The girls swam and Eric and I read.  Bliss.




  1. Please have dessert for me at Bubble Room. I so miss Sanibel & Captiva!

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Looks just lovely. I was in your fair city yesterday on a return from Washington, DC. Chicago was warm and sunny. Such an odd--but acceptable--winter.

    Enjoy the sun and sand.

  3. I so forgot to tell you about the great food the Island Cow has, glad you liked it!

  4. Hi Kristi,

    I discovered your lovely blog a couple of years ago, shortly before I brought my precious Lily home from China:). Your girls are darling and your blog is such fun to read! We live here in Ft. Myers and hope your family enjoys your time out on the islands...Captiva is magical! And, Island Cow and The Bubble Room are the best!

    Enjoy the beach..


  5. We visited Sanibel a few years ago, and Island Cow was our favorite restaurant! I heard it was destroyed in the hurricane a few years ago, so I'm happy to hear it's up and running again! We actually drove to Captiva to take a shelling is just a breathtaking place to be. Hope your week is wonderful.



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