March 15, 2012

My personal wardrobe consultant.


This morning Michal was in my closet.  I asked what she was doing and she told me that she was picking out an outfit for me to wear to chaperone her field trip.

Her pick?  A  knee-length, one-shoulder, summer dress.

I told her I didn't think it was an appropriate outfit for chaperoning a field trip.  She replied, "Of course it's appropriate!  It's a museum, Mom.  This is the perfect thing to wear."

The field trip was to a rock museum.  Geodes, marble, jade, not the style of music, and definitely not a dress-wearing venue.

Much to her horror, I'm sure, I wore jeans.

With a cute jacket.

I will admit Michal's dress pick was appropriate for the weather we're having.  It was 82 degrees today!  This is Chicago and it's technically still winter.  We should be bundling or shoveling, or at the very least complaining that it's gray and miserable.  But it's not cold or gray.

It's downright amazing.

So after school we did what anyone would do in this weather.

We went to the outdoor Dairy Queen.   And had ice cream.  In jeans.


  1. Jeans, oh the horror! ;-) Ro and Ree are constantly making comments about my wardrobe. "Mama, why don't you have any skirts?" "Mama, that's not even a color!" "Mama, maybe it would help if you added, I don't know, something sparkly?!"

  2. And you didn't call me? We would have met you there!

  3. And you didn't call me?! We would have met you there!

  4. I think that is adorable;) Kate LOVES fashion and has begun picking out things for me too. So glad you are having nice weather too.

  5. That's too funny!!!! My 2 year old loves all things sparkly, shiny, and dressy - I can just imagine how frustrated she will be with me when she's able to verbalize her fashion opinions :)



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