March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Chicago is a town that embraces St. Patrick's Day with unrestrained enthusiasm.  What other town dyes their river green to celebrate the day?

We celebrated at Disney Live, admittedly not particularly Irish but fun nonetheless, and then at a St. Patrick's Day party at the home of our good friends who are very Irish.

We had corned beef, potatoes and homemade soda bread, plus an assortment of green-frosted and green-sprinkled desserts.


And we were outside the entire party since we are still having beautiful, warm, completely-unseasonable weather!

It was a lucky day all the way around.



  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I don't know how you tell these two gorgeous girls apart. I know I can't.

    1. Eric and I were laughing that we usually don't think they look alike but in these pictures when they're wearing the same outfits and have their hair done the same way, they do look alike!

      The really funny thing is that they can't tell who's who in pictures. They either guess or remember what they were wearing.



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