March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring.

IMG_1424 copy




  1. Are these photos taken at the Arboretum? I'm not technically complaining about being gone for spring break, but I am worrying that my annual photo shoot in the daffodil glades at the Arboretum isn't going to happen this year! I haven't missed a year in the last 11 years of taking the kids, but it was so darn warm so early, I'm afraid I'll need to think of something else for this spring's photo shoot. Christy

    1. Yes! These were taken at the Arboretum. The daffodils are already in bloom but not yet at their peak. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll still be in bloom when we get back from Spring Break.

      I think it's worth going over there just to see if anything is still blooming. My guess is that it will be!

  2. Mission accomplished! We got to have our daffodil photo shoot today. Beautiful flowers, three smiling kids, one happy mom. Hope you had a great spring break. Sure looks like big fun from your photos. Happy Spring!



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