March 5, 2012




On Saturday we celebrated Kenna and Michal's 8th Birthday with an Alice in Wonderland party for 20 little girls.  Their birthday was actually eight weeks ago but between our trip to Arizona and my vacation in Mexico, this was the first good day for the party.  Good thing we're all flexible!














When the girls arrived they each made an Alice in Wonderland t-shirt.  They chose what color shirt they wanted and then they chose a fabric key, teapot, flamingo or cupcake to go on the front of their shirt.  After helping to iron it on, they handed it over to my friend Kate who then appliqued all 20 shirts during the rest of the party.  Yes, she is amazing!  Kate owns the darling store Kie&Kate Couture and makes adorable appliqued custom shirts!



The girls then made layered fabric hair clips with button or gem centers.  Also super cute!


Instead of gifts, each girl was asked to bring a wrapped stuffed rabbit.  It could be any size, style or color.  As each girl arrived I put a numbered sticker on their package.  After finishing their hair clips, the girls went on a key hunt.  There were large blue sparkly keys hidden all over and each one was numbered.  After they found a key, they matched it to the same number on one of the packages.  Then the girls all opened their packages and got to take home the rabbit that was inside. 


Next the girls had a tea party with cupcakes, pink lemonade and a sundae bar.

My creation


My creation



sundae bar


Then they went back downstairs for a Wonderland dance party. 




The party was really fun and Michal enthusiastically told me that it was, "the BEST party ever!"

And that made it all worth while.

In case you want to throw your own Wonderland party, here are some of the details:

T-shirts and appliques:  Kie&Kate Couture
Topiaries, sundae bar glass jars, cupcake stand and Mad Hatter statue:  Homegoods
Rose-topped cupcakes:  Fiore Cupcake Boutique
Butterfly cupcake toppers:  I purchased the butterflies at Hobby Lobby and took them off the wires and attached them to food-safe bamboo skewers.
Balloon 8:  Unique Balloon Creations
Invitations, "Drink Me" tags on the teacups, place cards, t-shirt tags and party favor labels:  Ian and Lola
Striped paper straws:  made by Kikkerland and purchased at Sur La Table
Drink Me flags on straws:  I made these by cutting strips of paper with the words printed on them and then used double-stick tape to attach them to the paper straws
Pink candlesticks:  Hobby Lobby
Paper lanterns:  Hobby Lobby and Luna Bazaar
Flag buntings and napkins:  My Modern Whimsy
Fresh flowers:  Trader Joe's
Tin watering cans:  Target
Bottle cap necklaces:   Too Too Posh

You'll also need one terribly-indulgent husband who hangs lanterns, moves tables, scoops ice cream, listens to you ask a hundred times if it all looks OK and smiles through it all.  Plus one extremely-kind friend named Michelle who sews whatever crazy thing you dream up, comes early to help set up, makes cute aprons for you to wear at the party and helps control 20 screaming, sugared-up little girls, also while smiling the whole time!


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Wow Kristi! Another amazing party!!! Love all the details and originality!

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Hi - just to confirm: "Invitations, "Drink Me" tags on the teacups, place cards, t-shirt tags and party favor labels:
    Striped paper straws" - is the source "Striped paper straws"?

    Thanks for sharing your sources for this amazing party! Happy belated birthday to your beautiful girls!

    1. Thanks for letting me know I'd missed some links! I fixed it now. All of the printables are from Ian and Lola and the straws are made by Kikkerland. The links are in the post now.

  3. Beautiful Kristi! The first post I read on andbabiesmakefour was the Fancy Nancy birthday party with those beautiful large apothecary jars with pretty ribbons. The candy bar pictures with the jars looks just as beautiful now with the Alice in Wonderland theme. Great job!

    1. I have gotten so much use out of those jars! Several actually got broken when we moved so I replaced a couple for this party. When they're not holding sundae bar toppings, I use a couple of them on our bathroom counter to hold soaps and cotton balls.

  4. Amazing!!! I agree that his may be your best party yet! :) Let us know when you enter this party in a contest so we can all vote.

    Happy Birthday Michal and Kenna!!

  5. What a beautiful party!!! I love all the details. it is so charming!!! You have such a gift for this Kristi!!! I could use your help!!!!

    Kate and I are trying to figure out what to do for her party this year. She kind of wants to invite the whole class to a gymnastics place but I am trying to persuade her to an at home girl party for at least one more year. I LOE doing this kind of stuff.

    1. I had to persuade my two to have an at-home party. They wanted a Pump It Up Glow Party. I love doing this and know it won't last forever.

      I am so happy to help you plan Kate's party. I say hold off on the gymnastics place as long as you can!

  6. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Okay, my birthday is in May. Will you come to my house and design a party for me? Seriously, you are incredible. I imagine that the neighborhood is clamoring to be invited to your parties.

  7. Thank you so much! I would seriously love to plan a party for you!

  8. Fabulous party for two! And 8 is a lucky number in china

    Happy 8 birthday for the fabulous twins!

  9. Hard to believe they are 8....I remember reading about your journey to get them. Please be nice and invite some of your readers to a party....we are soooo coveting your skills and artestry in making a party perfect. I will be available to attend all summer except for the first week of June, we will be making a family trip to San Diego. Thanks for your consideration.

  10. What Suzanne said!!!!

  11. I knew something fabulous was being planned when I saw a couple of pinterest pins! You are so talented!

  12. It looks like you threw another fabulous party! Everything looks perfectly wonderful! I am sure your girls will remember these special days for their entire lives.

  13. You really should be an events coordinator - you do not miss a SINGLE detail!!!! What a fun party for your girls - thanks for sharing a bit of the fun with us!!!!

  14. Beautiful party, as always. I can't believe they are 8 years old!! Time really flies fast. Blessings

  15. You have the most amazing parties. I agree, you should be an events coordinator. How wonderful. I can't believe they are 8 already. WOW!!!!

  16. Let us know if this party ends up in a contest--I will totally vote for you again!!! It's awesome!
    Happy birthday to your girls. :)

  17. Hi Kristi!
    What a beautiful party!! My twin grands are turning 8 in April, so I may have to borrow several of your ideas...thanks for sharing! On the pink candlesticks, you have teacups...are they secured in any way and are the cups Goodwill finds?? Thank you!! Gale



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