February 17, 2012

Food critics.

Our dinner table.

Last night.

Kenna says, "Mom, I give the green stuff a four and the brown stuff a zero."

The "green stuff" was a salad and the "brown stuff" was pot roast. And in her defense she really, really doesn't like meat.

And then Michal adds, "I give them both a zero."

Clearly they've both seen too much Food Network. Dinner is now followed by a score.

Later, while watching me get ready for book club, Michal said, "Mom, why are you putting on makeup? You don't need makeup. You are just as pretty without it."

And in that moment I decided she can give my dinner a zero any time she wants.

Maybe the judges on the Food Network should try that tactic. "We're sorry. You didn't win. But hey, we really don't think you need make up and that's something to feel good about!"

1 comment:

  1. That would totally work for me too. Michal and Kenna can come critique my meals anytime...



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