February 22, 2012

May I ask for your help again?

Today I got a very nice -- and unexpected -- email from Project Nursery letting me know that the Chinese New Year Baby Shower we had for our good friends is a finalist for February "Party of the Month!   Project Nursery is a fun place to go for decorating and party inspiration. Any one can upload photos and a description of a baby or kid's room they decorated or a party they hosted.  You may remember that the girls' First Day of School Dinner was the September "Party of the Month" at Project Nursery.

There are five finalists this month and the winner is based on visitor votes. So would you please, pretty please, go and vote for our Chinese New Year Baby Shower?

Just click here. It's just one click to vote once you're there.

You can vote once every 24 hours.

Thank you so much!

By the way, Fran, Bob and Anna, our friends who the shower was for, met the newest member of their family three days ago! They are still in Dan's province and will be traveling to Guangzhou in the next couple days. He is absolutely adorable and Anna is a precious big sister.  We can't wait to meet them at the airport with signs and balloons.  It's been a long time since we've gotten to attend an airport Welcome Home!


  1. Voted...good luck. I looked at all of them and yours is still the best by far.

  2. Voted! Hope you win:)

  3. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Just voted!

  4. Just voted, I think it's the most gorgeous party ever!

  5. Voted and I set my alarm to vote each day! seriously, when I need help decorating I am totally e-mailing you for ideas. Pin interest helps me but you really have a great eye!

  6. I just voted also for you, what a beautiful party!!!!!

  7. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I am voting for you each day.

    Are you being trounced by snow?

    1. Thank you so much for voting!

      We got four inches of snow last night -- only our second real snowfall of the Winter. The girls were hoping for a snow day but school started right on time this morning. The snow is already melting so I'm not sure there will even be enough left to sled tomorrow . . . not that I'm complaining!

  8. Anonymous11:58 AM

    LOVED this party - - voted twice already!


  9. We have voted every day since you asked. What a great party!

  10. I voted the day I first read this and then today so I hope your lead keeps growing! Love your Lantern idea. That's such an inexpensive yet personal touch. We have an IKEA 20 minutes away so something I'll use in the future for sure! Cara and Cate bring cupcakes in for CNY and we always go to the Chinese market to pick out fun envelopes with the animal theme. Usually I punch or cut them out but this year I just bought hors d'oeuvres forks at the dollar store and used only the red and yellow ones. And then I attached the whole envelope with some clear tape on the back and it was perfect (and alot less time consuming).
    I always love to read your party ideas and execution so I hope you win!
    Barbara (from the Nov '05 DTC group)

  11. Kristi -

    Loved all of your amazing detals to this party/shower. And how we love a beautiful Chinese themed party. I've been voting as it is the very least I can do since I get so many party ideas from you. :) I looked this a.m. and don't think anyone can catch up but will vote again tomorrow on the last day!



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