February 29, 2012

Friday Finds (Wednesday Edition) {Diane Von Furstenburg for BabyGap andGapKids}

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress. They are flattering on just about every body type. You can dress them up -- heels and a great necklace -- or dress them down -- a pair of wedges and a bangle. They are absolutely timeless and, in fact, some of the older designs sell for more than new ones. There are women who literally collect her wrap dresses and women who can tell the year the dress was made simply by looking at the pattern. However, at $350 each they certainly aren't inexpensive.

But now, be still my beating heart, Diane von Furstenburg has recreated her iconic dresses plus T-shirts, tanks, shorts, leggings and sunglasses for little girls.  And you can buy them at The Gap!

My only question is why isn't she creating a line at The Gap for moms too? I'm guessing there will be more than a couple small adults who buy the largest children's size and wear it themselves. Do you remember when France's stylish first lady, Carla Bruni was photographed wearing a Stella McCartney for GapKids jacket right after the line debuted?


So here are some sneek peeks at the positively-adorable Diane von Furstenberg collection for GapKids and babyGap. (I wonder who chose that icky green color for the background?) The pieces aren't inexpensive but, oh my, are they cute!

Darling shift dress in a classic DVF print.
An iconic "wrap dress."

You can also see more of the line in this fun video.  It's completely priceless when she asks the little girl if she thinks something is chic.  That moment would have literally made Michal's entire life!  My aspiring fashion designer would love nothing more than to discuss what's chic with Diane von Furstenburg.

The line debuts on March 15 at BabyGap and GapKids. 


  1. Janet H.9:12 AM


    I grabbed the green & orange wrap dresses from Gap's website yesterday. I can't wait to see them in person. Were you able to get anything? Everything was adorable on the kids featured on the Today Show this morning!!


    1. I went to Gap yesterday and multiple things were already sold out. The entire line is absolutely adorable! I bought the girls a couple dresses and they located a third one for me at another store. The fabric is really nice and the prints are so, so cute. I was surprised that some of the wrap dress are knits and some are poplin.

      K & M haven't tried anything on yet, and the wrap dresses look short to me, so I'm hoping they fit them. I just saw the Today Show segment and they looked short on those girls too. Maybe that's just the style though.

      Now we just need a DVF launch for adult Gap!

    2. Janet H.9:38 AM

      I noticed how short they looked too, but being rompers makes me feel better about that. I'm taking a chance that they fit Flynn in the torso though. My fingers are crossed.

      Yes! A launch for adult Gap would be great!!

      Enjoy your weekend.



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