January 9, 2012

Tacos and the pink bridge.


We went into town again this afternoon and visited a local taqueria that was recommended by our concierge and our taxi driver. The restaurant was called Pepe's and the tacos were fabulous. We ordered them without cilantro, and didn't eat the salsa -- we were just a little uneasy about anything that might have been washed in water -- but they were delicious even plain. We all had ice cold, made-with-real-sugar Cokes in glass bottles too.



After lunch we walked along the Boardwalk, shopped a little and then walked through a neighborhood called Gringo Gulch.



We climbed several sets of stairs to get up to The Lover’s Arch, which separates the former homes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Liz’s home is on the left and was called Casa Kimberley. Recently it was torn down and is supposedly being replaced by a condominium complex. There were no signs of construction when we were there but the original villa clearly had been torn down. Burton’s house is still intact and the bridge, now faded and peeling, is also still there.








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  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    The sunset is gorgeous.

    You know I am always curious about the water restaurant workers use to wash their hands when they prepare food. We worry a lot about where the food came from and how it was washed but what about the hands of restaurant workers. I had a bad experience in Bali years ago and wondered if it was related to the water used in the kitchen of the restaurant.



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