January 18, 2012

Friday Finds {Jason Wu for Target}


Do you know who Jason Wu is? He is the smiling 26-year old who designed Michelle Obama's winter white gown for the Presidential Inaugural Ball. His designs are modern and ladylike and lovely. They also are prohibitively expensive.

But now he's designed a beautiful line for Target and nothing in the line is more than $59.99. The line has a sweet, French feel and I've read that the quality of the fabrics is really good. I think the black trench coat above is adorable. I'm excited to see the line in person.

Lines will be forming at your local Target on February 5. I'm sure it will be just like the Missoni launch so if you're going to go, get there early!


  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    What black trench coat?

  2. The one the first girl is wearing. She has it tied over a black dress.



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