December 1, 2011

Visitors from the North Pole

When the girls got home from school today there was a box on the front porch, addressed to them, from Santa Claus. After much leaping, hopping and yelling -- them, not me -- we took the box inside so they could open it.

Nestled in sparkly-red-polka-dotted tissue paper, under a letter from Santa, were Eloise and McKenna, our Elf on the Shelf duo.


The letter from Santa reminded them not to touch their elves and also reminded them to send a letter with their Christmas wishes to the North Pole.



  1. Janet H.8:49 PM

    Kristi, I love the letterhead that you created. What a great idea! We have a pair of elves too, but ours are frogs. Yes, that's right, frogs. I searched and searched a few years ago and that was all I could find. So we affectionately call them "frelves" and their names are Jingle & Jangle. Don't you just love the magic of the season? Enjoy!

  2. I love it! Frelves. Adorable.



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