December 18, 2011

On the ninth day of Christmas . . .

My creation

Marilee is one of my etsy favorites! Her shop, Marilee Jane Designs, is filled with amazing vintage-looking cupcake toppers, boxes and whimsical jewelry. Every single thing in her shop oozes charm. She also has a second shop called Party Pop Pop that's all party items -- very cute party items!

She made the cupcake toppers for the girls gingerbread party last year and the fairies for their seventh birthday party. Every single little head was hand-shaped, hand-painted and every skirt was hand-folded and glittered. The detail in her items is just amazing. Her pieces and make you think of a time when things made of paper mache, folded crepe paper and tin glitter filled holiday trees and curio cabinets.



And best of all, Marilee is an absolute dream to work with. I loved the little snow ladies she made and asked her to make fairies for the girls' birthday, which she figured out how to do just for me. I then asked her make more fairies as tree ornaments for the girls' little tree, which she happily did too.

And you can have something special made by Marilee! She is giving away a Victorian Angel Holiday Candy Container pictured in the top right corner above. This beautiful, Victorian, candy box is made from paper mache, and is covered in vintage music paper and gold cord. The little, angel cut out is decorated with an antique, garland crown, tiny, sparkly pin, and snow flakes. A crepe paper ruffle trims the top and bottom edges of the candy box. The handle is made from a gold chenille stem, and includes a glitter trimmed card, and gold star. Hang on a tree, or sit on a table, and fill with your favorite holiday candies. With handle, candy box measures 6 1/2 inches high.

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  1. I love the Retro-like Snowman Christmas Candy Container! I have the perfect spot for this in my house!

  2. Well since there is absolutely nothing here but things I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have...if I must choose...I suppose the retro-like angel ornaments would be on top of my list!!! What a beautiful treasure trove of goodies!!! Thank you!

  3. I too love the retro snowman candy container i also love the antique church container. What. Great shop hope the gingerbread party wnt well

  4. I love the Snow Cone Snowman ornament. His expression says it all!


  5. What a fun shop to browse! Everything is adorable, but by far, my fave is the You are my sunshine box - I sing this every morning to my eldest when I wake him up for school, and this would be a perfect addition to his room!

  6. Angel and Star Ornament-
    Pure sweetness.
    Hope your party was a big success!

  7. I love the retro snowman, he has such a jolly look.

  8. The diorama of the choir boy melts my heart. So precious and special.

  9. Everything!!! So hard to pick.
    Patty Mears
    14479 N. Wayland Rd.,
    Meadville, PA 16335

  10. So adorable! Loved your party decorations. Wish I knew about them for my daughter's recent party! Love the Ice cream and penguin cupcake toppers. Thanks, Wendy

  11. I love the fairies that you used at your girls party last year.

  12. Love the snowman and the angels! Beautiful items!


  13. The retro snowman very nice.

  14. Love the retro snowman cancy container and the cupcake toppers... so cute!

  15. I love the retro snowman or if they would arrive in time, I might go for the nutcracker cake toppers for my daughters birthday party just after the holiday.



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