December 27, 2011

Congratulations to the 12 Days of Christmas Winners!

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First Day of Christmas. Congraulations Ani! You have won the amazing silhouette necklace.

Second Day of Christmas. Congratulations Wendy! You have won two darling sets of custom note cards.
Third Day of Christmas. Congratulations E! You have won a gift certificate for super cute little girls clothing.

Fourth Day of Christmas. Congratulations Suzanne! You have won a custom silver family ornament.

Fifth Day of Christmas. Congratulations Shauna! You have won your choice of a darling jewelry drawer or hook rack.

Sixth Day of Christmas. Congratulations Desiree! You have won a Karito Kids doll. A special someone will LOVE this!

Seventh Day of Christmas. Congratulations Lilly! You have won a penny necklace.

Eighth Day of Christmas. Congratulations Karen Proulx!

Ninth Day of Christmas. Congratulations Gale!

Tenth Day of Christmas. Congratulations Mandy! You have won a $25 gift certificate to Kie&Kate! Happy shopping.

Eleventh Day of Christmas.
Congratulations Susan! You have won two custom buntings from My Modern Whimsy. I can't wait to see what you choose.

Twelfth Day of Christmas. Congratulations Janet! You won a glass heart pendant from Jewel Ya.

Please contact me so I can tell you how to claim your prize.


Congratulations to all the 12 Days of Christmas winners! I hope you love what you won. If you haven't already, please contact me and I'll tell you how to claim your prize.


  1. Yay! Congrats to all the winners -- maybe next time for me! Wanted to let you know I posted a link to your Gingerbread Soiree on my blog on Friday. :)

  2. Hi Kristi,

    YAY! I won the 7th day of Christmas. Thank you so much, it was so much fun browsing thru all the shops!

    I tried to contact you using the link but it's not working. My email address is

    Thanks again for been such a great host!

  3. Thanks, Kristi, for the wonderful experience! I can't wait to hear from you, Karen - congrats! :)

    Jenny @

  4. Kristi,

    I had to pop over and say hello. I've had your blog on my reader for a couple years now. Anyways, this eveing I was searching back in the Cote de Texas archives (May 14th to be exact), drooling over pictures of stunning homes, and I noticed in the comments a little black and white picture of two girls. I realized almost immediately I knew them and you. I love when blogging comes full circle and had to share. I hope you, Eric, and the girls had a wonderful holiday.

  5. Thanks so much Krist for doing this it is one of the seasons highlights! Hope you and the family had. Wonderful Christmas!
    Cheers and happy new year

  6. Yippee! I am so excited to win!!! Thank you so much!!! Cannot wait to see this beautiful piece!!!! The posted link did not work for me, but my email address is:

    Again, sincere thanks!! G

  7. Ashley,

    What a small bloggy world! Don't you love Cote de Texas? It always makes me want to put sisal everywhere!

    Thanks for letting me know.


  8. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Hi Kristi,
    Sounds like I'm not the only one having problems contacting you! Do you have a new link to contact you? Thanks again for hosting the giveaway, Wendy

  9. Thanks so much for letting me know that the link was broken. All fixed now! I am contacting all of the winners but won't probably get to everyone until tomorrow since we fly back home today.

    Don't worry though. I will contact you.



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