November 18, 2011

Hello California.

I flew to California today -- five long hours on an airplane. I'm here for a girls' vacation with five good friends from college. We've rented a beach house in Half Moon Bay for a few days and then we're spending a few days in San Francisco.

This afternoon I took senior pictures for a really sweet girl. I am not used to photographing people who stand exactly where you ask them to, don't run around and never give you a chessy smile. (She did climb two trees though!) I really had a good time and am crossing my fingers that I got some good shots.


  1. Good for you!! Girl time is the best. Have a ball. I've got a girls day planned for Saturday and can't wait for the talking, the wine, and the laughter.

  2. Hope you have a great girls trip:) They re-energize my soul.



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