October 26, 2011

I'm a Giant Challenge

If you've read this blog for awhile -- and thank you if you have! -- you may remember that I started to remodel and decorate my childhood dollhouse. Somewhere along the way my enthusiasm gave way to the craziness of life and the dollhouse got put away to finish when I had more time.

Enter Emily Henderson. Do you know who she is? She won Season 5 of "Design Star" and now has her own show on HGTV called "Secrets from a Stylist." Plus, she's pretty funny and writes a great blog.

Emily came up the I'm a Giant Challenge.

The challenge entails decorating your own dollhouse. It can be it store-bought one, a vintage tag sale one or a DIY one. And you can do just about anything to your dollhouse. In other words, anything goes!

Joining Emily in the challenge are six diverse design and DIY bloggers: THE BRICK HOUSE, Design for Mankind, Hommemaker, Girl Domestic, Little Green Notebook, Making it Lovely, and Simply Grove. Each is putting their own spin on a dollhouse and will post all along the way. There will be a celebratory event in Los Angeles in January 2012, where the houses will be on display.

And YOU can participate too! Anyone can join in the fun. You can read more details on Emily's blog, and she even shares the start of her mood board.

So I have a challenge

And I love a challenge.

And a deadline. (The deadline for all of this is December 15, 2011.)

Project Dollhouse has officially begun.

Now I'm under no illusions that my dollhouse will hold a candle to Emily's -- she's creating a mood board for hers for goodness sake and you should see the person who works with her who sculpted a bear head and then covered it in fun and made a miniature bear skin rug! But I needed a swift kick in the behind to get going on this again so thank you Emily for the inspiration..


  1. Debby Duke5:07 PM

    I read Emily's blog and saw the amazing things that others are doing to their doll houses. Puts Delaney's Costco doll house with included furniture to shame- although I did give her my vintage 1970s wicker Barbie furniture to use in it.

    Did you get my email on your Hotmail account a week or so ago?


  2. So excited you are doing this! Cannot wait to see what you will do with the dollhouse.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I'm curious as someone who did not have a dollhouse growing up (or cannot remember having one): is this for decoration or will the girls play with the dollhouse? I could imagine using a dollhouse, or small version of one's house to get a sense of how decorating it might look (like an architect's small version of a house) but I was curious how you would use the house.

  4. Hello, I am a picker from Portland Or. I recently picked up 30 pieces of mid century dollhouse miniature furniture. I think that they would be a great addition for anyone participating in the “I am a giant” challenge: http://www.pdxpicker.com/2011/11/mid-century-miniatures.html
    Thanks for looking,



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