October 22, 2011

Consignment Store Love

My creation

This morning we went to the French Market. We bought beautiful tomatoes, pumpkin spiced bread, three kinds of cheese -- I think I've already eaten half of the brie layered with apricots and almonds! -- and freshly-made donuts for Michal and Kenna.

On our way back to the car I convinced Eric and the girls to go into a consignment store with me. It's a charity consignment store that benefits a nearby hospital. In all honesty, it's a tad junky in a fun, treasure-hunt kind of way.

At the very back of the store, leaning against a wall I found a beautiful eight-foot tall Pier mirror.


I loved it. Eric was skeptical but helped me measure it and then agreed to put a two-hour hold on it while we went home to measure the ceiling in our front entry.

Two hours later Eric and our next door neighbor hoisted the mirror out of my mini van to bring it into our front entry. I absolutely love it. It's clearly old and "1864" is written on the back of it. I tend to like clean, streamlined things so this ornate, gilded mirror is a fun "not streamlined" addition to our house.



It has a gilded marble base but it's just too "Palace of Versailles" so we put it right on the floor without the base.

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