October 29, 2011


This morning Michal told me, "When you're 13, you get called beautiful. Mom, you jumped ahead because you call us beautiful now. Seven-year olds are called cute.

Kenna then said, "No, I think six and under are called cute and seven and over are called beautiful."

Michal thought for a moment and then agreed.

Kenna then added, "If you're six and a half sometimes you'll get called beautiful and sometimes you'll get called cute."


  1. haha so adorable that they noticed the difference in what you are being called; cute or beautiful according to age. Well, in my eyes they are cute AND beautiful AND smart as well!!

  2. They should write a book those two. They certainly have it all figured out in a most delightful way. I hope it was okay to refer to them as delightful. I really need the book for reference.




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