September 6, 2011

Making progress . . .

Michal's walls have been painted pink, or more accurately Benjamin Moore's Powder Blush. I love the color and so does she.


The girls' peasant paintings, purchased in China, have been hung above the chairs. (Since most of the things in their old room were in pairs we're trying to keep the pairs together but divide the things between their rooms.)

The paintings are all of the same riverside village during four different seasons. Since Kenna and Michal were born at the end of December, I hung Winter first since that's the season their lives began.


Their Joybucket dolls are seated on shelves on the wall. (We had lots of discussion about where the dolls were going to live. Since they match Michal's room they ended up in there with the stipulation that Kenna's doll gets to sit on the top shelf.)


Next up is a new mattress -- the old one got damaged while being stored in the garage -- choosing bedding from the three options I have right now; having day bed bedding made and figuring out window treatments.


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Simply beautiful!

    What does MTA stand for?

  2. Beautiful can't wait to see more!


  3. Andrea L6:39 PM

    Beautiful so far!!! I love the pink color too. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Curious to see Kenna's, too. I'm thinking she wanted a lime green...could be wrong, though. They will both be beautiful rooms when completed, I am sure!
    We are currently redoing Marissa's room, too, but I'm trying not to have to repaint the walls...just new bedspread, curtains, etc. and new wall decor. She didn't want a "baby" room anymore. Guess it seemed babyish to her, but I thought it would take her to at least 10 years old! They mature too fast!

  5. Anonymous9:18 AM

    LOVE IT so far . . . wonderful job! The chairs are to-die-for!

    Can't wait to see more . . .


  6. M T A are Michal's initials. Michal Aline and our last name in the middle. Kenna's initials are on the other chair in the room.

  7. Kenna wants gold. We're talking metallic, shiny gold. I just keep thinking Liberace.

    Her walls are going to be a creamy yellow -- that was her distant second choice to having gilded walls.

    I am honestly having a really hard time getting her room together. You can't really have an all-yellow room but that's what she wants.

    We're still "collaborating!"



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