September 13, 2011

Friday Finds (Tuesday Edition) {Missoni for Target}

The line at the West Hollywood Target started forming at 5:30 a.m. this morning and went around the building two times -- or that's at least what I read happened. And then Target's website crashed -- multiple times.

All the excitement was because today was the launch of the Missoni for Target line.

I completely forgot about it until tonight. I guess I missed the shelf-clearing fun!

Have you heard of Missoni? It's a high-end Italian brand that's best known for its very expensive zig-zag-patterned knits.

And now it's at Target for a limited time. Or at least it was at Target.

I haven't seen any of the Target pieces in person but some of the things look very cute online! After spending some time on the website tonight it looks like lots of the line is sold out already and when I use the "find it in a store" tool it looks like many things are sold out in the stores in my area too.


I would love these rain boots for Kenna and Michal.

Aren't they adorable?

And these two knit skirts are exactly what Missoni is known for! I love the unexpected combination of lime green and purple in this skirt.

And I think this skirt would be so cute with tights.

And this little trench coat is precious -- and very loud!

They also have -- or maybe had is the more accurate word -- women's, housewares, bedding and baby items.

UPDATED: After I dropped the girls at school this morning, I went to two different Targets in search of Missoni. In the housewares and women's sections there was literally not one single Missoni thing on the racks. I was able to find a couple pieces for Michal and Kenna in the Girls' section and I did find the rain boots for them. The quality of the knits is very nice and that purple coat above comes in toddler and girls sizes and is velvet and super cute! But these things are more expensive than the typical $9.99 Target dress so you better really love something if you're going to buy it. You can read more about all the madness here.

AND UPDATED AGAIN: When the girls got home from school we tried on the things I found this morning. The rain boots are strangely tall on Michal and Kenna. They come all the way to their knees and look a little like they're playing dress up in grown-up rain boots. The sizing on the other clothes seems to be off too. The cardigan I bought is on the long side in the sleeves but it's extremely short, almost like it was intended to be cropped. The same is true of the long-sleeved sweater I bought. It fits great except it's really short. The sweater leggings though fit perfectly and are darling. Maybe Italian children are just long-legged and short-torsoed!


  1. So funny. I just posted about this too. I did not love any of it enough to buy for Kate. Especially since she wears a uniform now. We have to really love the weekend clothes since she only gets a few fun outfits a week.

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I love Missoni or rather I should say, I used to love Missoni before I became too wide to put on clothes with horizontal stripes. I still have a few tops that I can get away with when I wear black slacks. But on children I bet the designs look wonderful. Slim children.

  3. too funny! I had no idea this was going on yesterday and when I was at Target yesterday afternoon they had tons of this left in clothing, housewares, etc. I was in the dollar isle thinking "wow, that's a lot of zig-zag pattern in those dresses" LOL, I guess central Illinoisans didn't get the memo.

  4. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Maybe the boots are waders for fly fishing :).

    I've seen the issue you describe in clothes I have purchased made in Europe--the sweaters are cropped (actually in style now with a cute blouse underneath) and for some odd reason the arms are long as though "the weaver" felt that he or she needed to do something with the extra yarn not used for the torso part of the sweater :).

  5. I heard all the hoopla, and figured I'd stay away from the madness (hate lines and crowds). But then we had a bundt cake crisis and I ran to the local Target for new cake pans and that cute little coat was just staring right at me. :-) Ro and Ree now adore them. Oh, and I got them "XL 4T/5T", which I guess is a toddler size? Sounded odd, but fits perfectly on my size 5/6 girls.



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