September 12, 2011

Our summer.

My creation

We had a wonderful summer.

We visited the Appalachian Mountains to reunite with our China travel group and we went to Ohio to celebrate a special 90th birthday. We journeyed to beautiful Montana for our annual summer adventure with Eric's family and finished out the summer at a Elkhart Lake in Wisconsin. We watched movies and played games. We went to festivals and the girls went to American Girl Camp, vacation bible school and a magical week at theater camp. We stayed up late and caught fireflies. We saw fireworks and sunsets. We went to the drive-in movies and to the beach and to the pool almost every chance we had.

We wore flip flops every single day.

We celebrated half birthdays and whole birthdays and six years of being a family. We knee boarded, kayaked and rode quads. We "camped" in the basement while the tornado sirens went off and then the girls camped in the basement for weeks after that just because it was fun.

We ate ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. And made s'mores with Reeses cups and Hershey's bars at Micheletti Marshmallow Mondays.

And then, before we knew it, summer came to an end.

Can you come back soon summer? We miss you already.


  1. Andrea L11:36 AM

    I shared that thought this morning. I miss summer and wish it were back. Don't get me wrong -- I'm oh so glad school is back in session, but I am missing going to the pool and the lazy days of summer.

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Looks like an amazing summer!

    Summer is almost gone, but Fall is upon us, and I love Fall best of all :-)

  3. I LOVE Micheletti Marshmallow Mondays. May we have them every summer... for as long as we live! Complete with princess dresses, croquet mallets, and echos of "Prince Toby!"

  4. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I love what you have done to capture a magical summer. You should do this for each season as your photos and arrangement are terrific.

  5. What fun it was for us to be a part of your fabulous summer, both in Cincinnati and in Chicagoland.



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