August 24, 2011

First Day of School Celebration Dinner.


Tonight we had our third annual First Day of School Celebration Dinner. (You can see our Kindergarten Celebration here and our First Grade Celebration here.) This year we invited our good friends to join us, which made it especially fun.

I made a dining-room-doorway garland out of vintage copies of "Take Me to the Zoo," Dr. Seuss' classic "And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street" and a book from 1965 called "The Bus Trip." "The Bus Trip" cracked me up because it's about two kids, named Kennie and Bettina, who were put alone on a bus to Pennsylvania with an envelope of "traveling money" and a note with their home address and telephone number pinned to the inside of their shirts. Can you imagine? It has gorgeous black and white illustrations though that I just loved.


I made chalkboard place cards for the table and then perched an apple on each of the chalkboards. In the center of the table there was a vintage globe, a school bus and a bouquet of flowers on top of a pile of vintage books.



A fun aside about the globe . . . Kenna and Michal have always liked maps and globes. And thanks to Geo Master -- a great iPhone game -- they're much better at geography than I am!

So the girls and I decided to collect vintage globes and display them in their play room. Our first one, the one on the table, was found on etsy and just arrived.

And a great surprise was that the globe's cartographer shares our not-very-common last name!


The kids dressed up, played and ran around for awhile and then we had dinner -- fruit salad and fettuccine alfredo for the first-day-of-school celebrants and ceasar salad and lasagna for their parents.


After dinner there was more leaping, hopping, jumping, swinging, tree-house-climbing and general merry making before we had monogrammed chocolate cupcakes alfresco.

(The cupcakes were made with the Sprinkles cupcake mix from Williams-Sonoma. You add butter, eggs and milk to the mix and you have to follow the directions pretty precisely and make especially sure you don't over bake them. But it's worth the effort because they are simply divine.)







By the end of the evening the first day of school had been joyously celebrated and everyone had had a great time.

Happy First Day of School my big 2nd graders! And Happy First Day of School to new 1st and 3rd graders, Toby and Aanesera, too.


  1. Love it! The dinner, the memories, the blog post, all of it! So blessed to call you friend. And, my children are so blessed to call your girls the same!

  2. Love your table and ideas!!! I'm a globe girl them. What a fun way to celebrate school.

    Sue : )

  3. Jeanie12:12 AM

    I love the dress with the yellow bottom. Where is it from?

  4. The dress with the yellow bottom is from Nordstrom. The brand is Truly Me. There is another similar one at Nordstrom right now that has three-quarter length sleeves and a darling floral skirt.

  5. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I bought the pumpkin spice cupcake mix from Sprinkles at W-S and they are fabulous. tuck them away for your Halloween celebration!

  6. I will have to try those. I love pumpkin!

  7. Hi Kristi,
    Where is the best place to buy Matilda Jane. No close reps near me to do a trunk show.

    P.S. Super cute Peacock bags. My daughter wants to be a peacock for halloween. ;-) I love the idea but have not found one yet.

  8. Hi Kristi,
    Would you please remind me the best place to buy Matilda Jane online?

    P.S. Love the Peacock bags. My daughter wants to be a Peacock for Halloween but I have not found one yet. ;-)

  9. E,

    You can call the Matilda Jane office and place an order over the phone. Or email Emily at or call her at 317.902.0001. You can always order things from the Platinum Collection online at any time at

    Pottery Barn Kids had a super cute peacock costume last Halloween. I bet you could find one on ebay.




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