July 3, 2011

Seven . . . and a half!


Kenna and Michal turned seven and a half on June 29. We spent most of the day Wednesday driving home from Ohio but before we left my Aunt Judy gave them each a "Happy Half Birthday" bag of M&M brownies for the drive home. And then last night I made their half-birthday chocolate cake -- our half-birthday tradition -- and we celebrated today.


I made a little miniature flag banner for the top of their cake out of a "Madeline Goes to London" book.


I love the flag in the middle with the two little girls with black hair who look like they're dancing on the cake. We decided that those two little girls are Michal and Kenna!


I also made the little "Happy 7 1/2" flags out of the book and a third flag out of ribbon.


The cake was really good but I'm still searching for the perfect chocolate cake recipe. I've been told this Barefoot Contessa recipe is pretty amazing. I didn't make it because the coffee in the recipe just didn't sound good to me but maybe next time I'll try it. I also think the kind of vanilla and cocoa powder you use when you bake a chocolate cake really makes a difference. I used real bourbon vanilla and a good cocoa powder but I would love to try Callebaut cocoa powder next time. It's what they use in Sprinkles cupcakes and there are no better chocolate cupcakes in my opinion. I'd love any chocolate cake recipes you might have!

The cake I made had a wonderful texture, was really moist and had a really subtle flavor, but the flavor was almost too subtle. The frosting did more than made up for it though. I melted a dark chocolate bar and added it to a basic chocolate butter cream frosting and it left small pieces of chocolate in the icing that were very yummy.

The girls were so, so excited to celebrate being seven and a half. I keep complaining that they're getting way too big but they just tell me that it's impossible for them to stop growing even though I want them to.

And then Michal reminded me that it's only two and half years until they're both tweens.

Suddenly seven and a half didn't seem so old after all.


  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I can't believe they are 7.5 as I remember you bringing them home and I can't be that much older!

    Can't access the recipe from Barefoot Contessa that you have identified. Can you re-link it to your website.

  2. I keep thinking I can't be that much older either!

    I fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't working.


  3. It's a very simple and straightforward recipe, but honestly one of the best chocolate cakes I've come across is following the recipe on the back of Hershey*s cocoa powder. It's especially good when made with their dark chocolate cocoa.



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