June 7, 2011


June 7, 2011

5:35 p.m.

We had ice cream at 5:30 p.m. tonight. We hadn't had dinner. I didn't realize it was 5:30 p.m. The girls thought it was the best thing ever.


  1. What a lovely treat!

  2. Ice cream for dinner sounds almost as good as breakfast for dinner! :o)

  3. Kristi,

    Do I see an ear that has been pierced??? :) Don't think I've noticed that before on either of your girls.

    Just read your post the other day about your move. I always loved seeing pictures of your beautiful home. Did y'all stay close by or was it a move that took you away from Chicago?

    One of these days I need to send you pics of Eliza Grace's Fancy Nancy party. It turned out great thanks to your inspiration!

    We've still got 2 weeks of school... so summer is yet to begin!

  4. Suzanne,

    Wow! You are very observant. You do see a pierced ear. A very newly-pierced ear. :)


  5. Eliza Grace has asked me to let her pierce her ears for at least 2 years. I originally told her she could have them done at 13 (the age I was in the OLD days ... tee hee hee) ... at some point I moved it to when she hits double digits. lol

    Was this a special treat or did the two of them gang up on you? :)

    BTW... the money post is hilarious!

  6. I always said ears pierced at 10. There really wasn't any reason other than I thought they needed to be old enough to take care of them -- and I was around that age when I got mine pierced. They have begged and pleaded for more than a year now to get theirs pierced and I finally just decided to give in.

    And they are more on top of taking care of them than I am!



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