June 16, 2011


Is it wrong to take a golden dollar out of your daughter's piggy bank to put back under her pillow from the Tooth Fairy? Would it be considered stealing since you're not actually taking it but just moving it from one place to another? What if you secretly replace that golden dollar with another one? Then wouldn't it just be borrowing?

Kenna lost a tooth this morning.

I was totally unprepared for her to lose a tooth.

She's been wiggling that darn tooth for weeks. This morning she asked me to pull it out.

So I did.

And then I immediately thought, "Oh no. What did I do? I don't have any golden dollars and I have the girls with me all day so I can't go to the bank and get some."

And now I just remembered that the Tooth Fairy pixie dust is packed away in a box somewhere -- most of my life is currently packed away in a box somewhere. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to borrow pixie dust from so I'll be doing some unpacking tonight.

And some borrowing. I'm sure it's just borrowing.


  1. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Think of it as a monetary exchange :).

  2. I think that is perfectly fine. You are the bestest mommy in the world and your daughters and hubby are so fortunate to have you. Just have fun with it and go ahead and borrow.

  3. You have only good intent, the coin does not leave the premises when you "take" it, and you plan to put it back...sounds like borrowing to me! :)

  4. Aanesera lost a tooth two nights ago, and got a note from the tooth fairy, that said he was out of $ and would bring it the next night. nice, huh?

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM


    Borrowing is perfectly fine!

    For future reference - the post office also has "gold dollars". I get them there all the time

  6. I'd say it is "improvising"!

    Hopefully she doesn't know how many gold dollars she has, though, and counts them tomorrow!

  7. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Love it! I have done that type of "exchange" before myself . . . definitely consider it borrowing!




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