May 18, 2011

A Very Sweet Baby Shower


Michal's teacher is expecting a baby this summer. We recently had a baby shower for her and it was so sweet. The shower was a surprise although I'm quite sure she knew exactly what was happening! (A group of six- and seven-year olds are not the best secret-keepers.)

I made three banners, cupcake toppers and a diaper cake for the shower. I'm really excited about how they all turned out.

I found an absolutely-darling children's poetry book with vintage-looking animal illustrations at our Good Will store for .59! I thought it was appropriate to use a book and the one I found was nice and gender neutral since she doesn't know if she's having a girl or boy. I made the first banner by choosing 12 pages from the book that I thought had pretty full-page illustrations. I trimmed the sides of the pages and notched the bottoms, punched holes in the corners and then tied them together with turquoise and pink and white polka dot ribbons.


I made the second banner by punching dozens and dozens of two-inch circles out of the nursery rhyme book and various patterned papers. I then sandwiched turquoise ribbon between two circles and lined them all up to make a string of circles. This was actually my favorite of the three banners I made. It was just completely whimsical and fun and looked like a string of giant beads. It was also fun to look at the illustrations on the circles. I especially liked two of them that had parts of the inscription that was written in the front of the book on them. The book had originally been given to a boy by his aunt and uncle and included the wish that he would just not read the poems in the book but also memorize some of them. It had been given to him more than 25 years earlier and it made me wonder if he ever did memorize any of the poems.


The third banner, strung on turquoise ribbon, was made of cut-out letters that spelled out C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S. I made it with the same papers that I used for many of the circles.

Next I made cupcake toppers by punching more two-inch circles and sandwiching a long toothpick in between two of them. I just loved the animals in the book and the kids loved them too.




Lastly, I figured out how to make a diaper cake. I saw lots of them online that said you should roll the diapers and use a pile of rubber bands to hold them together but I just didn't like how those cakes looked. Plus, I didn't want to ruin the diapers. I eventually found instructions for a "boutique diaper cake" and it was super easy to make and didn't require a single rubber band. I topped the cake with a floppy white bunny holding a mini version of the circle banner. The little circle banner was just darling because I was able to punch out some little, tiny details from the book to make it.



For the shower each of the kids in the class wrote their advice about taking care of a baby for their teacher. One of the moms bound all of their advice into a book. They each read their advice to her at the shower and it was absolutely priceless!


After listening to the kid's book, their teacher opened her gifts, they played traditional shower games and then everyone ate cupcakes.


It really was a darling shower!


  1. Looks very sweet indeed. You did a lovely job with your creations!!!

  2. Totally precious! You did a great job!!

  3. Amazing! How is it you ALWAYS seem to outdo yourself on your parties? :)

    No doubt that there are more than a few of us that will be borrowing some of your ideas, once again.

    Hope you get your spring weather back to stay!

  4. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Sure you don't want to be an event planner in your next professional life?

  5. SO cute!! I love the tiny banner with miniature pictures on the bunny.

  6. oh to be a fly on the wall while the kids were reading out their advise :)
    what a precious shower!

  7. What a beautiful shower and a very lucky teacher! I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share the name of the book with us?

    I never thought about making my own cupcake toppers but you made it look easy. Did you use pictures from the book on both sides of the cupcake toppers?

    Your parties are absolutely lovely!

  8. Amy,

    I'm sorry but I don't remember the name of the book. It was something like, "A Child's Book of Verses." You could literally use any book though and I have such good luck at Good Will. Every single children's book is just $ .59 so it's really hard to go wrong.

    It would be fun to use books for parties for other occasion too. A travel book for a Bon Voyage party, a map book for a moving party, a book written in Spanish for a margarita party -- lots of options!

    The cupake toppers are super easy! The only trick is you need a 2" punch but you can get one at any craft store and most craft stores have a weekly 40% coupon. I made the toppers out of two punched circles -- one from the book and one from patterned card stock. You need the card stock circle to add a little stiffness. I then put a piece of double-sided tape horizotally on each circle, laid the toothpick vertically on one of the circles and pressed it all together. Super fast. Super easy. Surprisingly cute.

  9. Thank you so much for all the tips!

  10. Looks wonderful! We are throwing a book theme baby shower for my sister so I am excited to find great ideas! Off to start cutting circles...

  11. You have the most awesome ideas!!!
    I love reading your blog. I also have a beautiful little China Doll and love the clothes for your girls. Now I have also become addicted to some of the brands you have and everywhere we go, people ask me "where did you get that outfit?" I am having so much fun and can't wait to use some of your ideas sometime. Please keep posting!!

  12. This is all so beautiful! I love your creativity and artistry!p



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