May 30, 2011

A very big day.

Today was a very big day.


A day Michal and Kenna have begged and pleaded for as long as I can remember.

A day I told them they would not come until they turned 10.

A day that came when they were 7 years and five months because I'm a total pushover.

Today they both got their ears pierced.

We went to Claire's -- they've pierced more than 80 million ears, you know -- and we patiently waited our turn.


Michal went first and sat as still as a statue while the girl carefully made dots on her ears with a purple marker.


And then one girl stood on each side of her . . . I couldn't watch.


And in two seconds she had pierced ears.

She immediately announced it didn't hurt one bit.


And burst into a huge grin.


And then it was Kenna's turn.

Same drill. Purple dots on the ears.


A girl on each side -- and my eyes closed.


And then the sweet face in the mirror.


And like that they suddenly looked 13 to me. Delightfully happy and so much older!

And they have shown absolutely anyone who will look their newly-pierced ears.

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