May 23, 2011

Six years ago.

Six years ago today we received the phone call that made us parents.

Eric was at work and I was at home when the call came. I knew referral calls were coming but I still held my breath when the phone rang. As soon as I learned it was twins, I forgot about my list of carefully-typed questions and honestly had a hard time processing a word that was being said.

As soon as I hung up I tried to call Eric. (I'm not sure why we hadn't pre-planned to both be on the call.) He was in a meeting so I called him again. And again. And again. I literally couldn't sit still and was pacing from the kitchen to the front door, all while holding the phone and hitting redial every few minutes. I finally went outside and walked around in our front yard, with the phone in my hand, waiting for Eric to call me back. While I was in the front yard my across-the-street neighbor pulled out of her driveway and stopped and asked if we'd heard anything yet. I said, "yes!" and she then asked, "One or two." I froze. Eric had no idea we'd gotten "the call" let alone that it was twins. I must have looked like the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights as I stood their wondering if it was OK to tell her before I told Eric.

She asked me again and I held up two fingers. She whooped and hollered and told me she was off to tell her son Patrick, who was on the school playground waiting for a "one" or "two" sign.

I don't think Eric knows that he wasn't the first I told our news. Or at least he didn't until now.

He wasn't the second person I told either.

While I was still in the front yard, the phone rang. I assumed it was Eric and answered without even looking at caller ID. It was my friend Cara from California. She was calling to see if we'd gotten our referral and I ended up telling her everything since you can't just hold up two fingers over the phone.

Eric did finally get my message and heard our exciting news. I did wait until he got home to look at the pictures so we could see our girls for the first time together.

And these beautiful little faces made it worth every moment I waited.

Michal and Kenna Referral


  1. Funny story - love this photo of your beautiful girls!

  2. Sweet!!! And I can't believe Eric was the fourth person to find out about your little babes. Hilarious.

    It's so interesting that even the photograph of Michal and Kenna as babies so clearly showed what they'd look like today.

  3. I just love the way they hold their mouths the same way! Do they still make the same expressions at the same time?
    I really appreciate you sharing on your blog...I got my referral for Marissa the same day, so I love the fact that I have watched your girls grow up as I have watched mine! That's why I have told you before (and now again) that if you ever come to the KC area, please let me know and let's get the girls together! I think they would have a fabulous time.

  4. Hmmm, the fourth to know . . .

    I'm just happy and proud to be their dad!

  5. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Such a beautiful referral photo! Hard to believe it has been six years!


  6. What a beautiful story! We received our LSC the other day for our's the best feeling ever!




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