May 1, 2011

May Day


We went to an art festival today and the girls had the opportunity to help an artist make a pot on a potter's wheel.




We then bought two pots that were ready to be painted and the girls dipped, dripped and painted them. We then left their pots to be fired and the resulting Raku pots are really beautiful and don't look like something made by a child.



After the festival we bought flowers and made May Day tussy mussys. The girls made cards to go with the bouquets and then they went next door, left them on our neighbor's doorstep, rang the door bell and ran. I could see our neighbors didn't answer the door so I called and told them to go check their front porch.



  1. Great photos. We live in Chicago and our girls would love to make these pots too as well as our Girl scout troop - do you mind sharing the name of the place so we can call them? Thank you, Wendy

  2. They made them at the Elmhurst Art Festival. I think the Raku pottery is hosted by the Elmhurst Art Museum. You could contact them and ask for more information.

    The pots are so cool and definitely don't look like something made by a 7-year old. They also fire them in an hour so you can do the project and pick it up in a reasonable amount of time.

    Definitely worth a phone call!

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Hi Kristi,
    Called the Museum - they said they only do it at the Festival for kids. Otherwise they have adult classes throughout the year. But the Museum looks cool - do your girls like it? Wendy



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