May 11, 2011

First Grade Program



Tonight was Kenna and Michal's First Grade Program. It was absolutely darling. Both of them sang in a trio with two other kids and were so excited about getting to perform on stage.

Michal is in the front row in the turquoise ruffled dress. Kenna is kind of hidden on the left hand side of the kids on the risers. We were seated on the left side of the auditorium so we couldn't see her except when she came forward to sing.



  1. Bravo to Kenna and Michal. They look georgous. what a great accomplishemnt

    I have to ask, where did you get those stunning dresses

  2. First grade already!! They look so beautiful and proud to be part of the big kids now!!
    Our girls are going to 4th grade now and it seems only yesterday when they started 1st grade... that was the first year we were here in South Africa.

  3. Are you going to post and share the videos of the singers? That would be fun to see.



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