April 29, 2011

Grandparents' Day


Today was Grandparents' Day at Kenna and Michal's school. Grandparents' Day only happens every other year and is really a big deal.


The grandparents -- more than 1,000 of them this year! -- arrived in the morning, made their way to the high school auditorium and watched a program put on by the students. Only grandparents were allowed in the auditorium because there just weren't enough seats otherwise, but I managed to sneak in, sit on the stairs and see Michal and Kenna sing. Then the grandparents went to their grandchild's classroom where they took a tour, played games, looked at things the student made, drew or wrote, and tried to sit in the oh-so-small chairs. There was also a cookie and coffee reception and lots of admiring art work and essays in the hall.


Eric's mom flew out from Arizona for the girls' big day and they were so excited that she did. Kenna and Michal sang all three of their program songs for her last night so this was actually her second time seeing their show. They both politely introduced her to their teachers and showed her around their classroom.


After the morning's festivities Marilyn, my friend Michelle and I headed to a Royal Wedding Viewing Party. We all wore hats and ate divine scones -- four different kinds! -- with clotted cream, assorted tea sandwiches and sipped tea. It was so fun!

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