March 22, 2011

Flying desks.


Tonight, after going up to ask the girls to please stop talking for the third time, Kenna told me, "But Mom, we just really like talking to each other."

So I asked, "What are you talking about?"

Without pause she told me, "Flying desks."

"You're talking about flying desks?"

"Yes. At the MK School there are flying desks."

This was said as if I should know that the MK School had gravity-defying writing surfaces.

I'll be honest here. I didn't even know there was an MK (Michal and Kenna) school let alone that it had such conversation-inspiring desks.

I said, "It's really late. Could you please stop talking?"

As I left their room I heard Kenna whisper to Michal, "We can't talk any more. Even about flying desks."

I tried hard not to laugh. It's hard to argue with the joy of discussing flying desks.

kenna railing




  1. I have to laugh when I hear something that is so sweet and so creative. Life's simple pleasures!!! Love the dress with fuchsia and gray together. May I ask the maker?? Gale

  2. They are SO adorable!!!!!!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama



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