March 9, 2011

Dear Parents,

A case of lice has been reported in your child’s classroom. Please note that all the children were checked this morning for lice. We are asking that you read the attached materials and that you diligently check your children’s heads over the next few days. We also ask that if you have a daughter in this class with long hair that over the next few weeks you put her hair in a braid or pony tail.

Oh the joy of receiving the there's-lice-in-the-classroom e-mail.

This morning I told Michal she needed to wear her hair in a braid or a pony tail. She, of course, asked, "Why?"

So I told her to it was to keep any lice away from her hair.

She responded, "Really Mom? Do you really think that bugs are afraid of braids and pony tails?"

Before I could answer, she continued, "I'd like a braid into a ponytail."

I'm sure the lice will be terrified.


  1. Okay... That! Cracked! Me! Right! Up!


  2. My mom went through it with my when I had hair all the way down my back. She said it was as dark as night too. hha

    And I have to agree with her haha.

  3. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Parent's worst nightmare! Luckily it eventually ends, unless you are my son, who at 17 had to tell his girlfriend to check her hair... not one of his favourite moments by far!

  4. ugh, as class mother I have been involved in several lice checks... makes me VERY grateful that my son's classroom consists of 10 boys and only 4 girls :-)

  5. Well, she does have a point.

  6. Oh Kristi, so nice to 'meet' you! I've just had the most fab morning devouring your blog - you should see the floors I should've mopped instead - but, oh well! Yep, lice/nits seem to be part of little girls - we have a double whammy in our house as I'm a pre-school teacher, so fight them there too! Being the mean mother that I am, I told Lou if she ever took her hair ties out at school, I would cut her hair short (like a boy!). But her hair is that dirty in a permanent mix of chlorine/salt from swimming, hair spray from ballet and sweat from living in the subtropics, I'm quite sure that no self respecting head lice would venture anywhere near it! Thanks for the laughs, I'll be be back to visit your blog again, Jane:)

  7. ICK!!!! Lice CREEEPS me out! I am sure I will see these notes eventually too though.



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