February 2, 2011

Snow Day.

We had gingerbread waffles and hot chocolate for breakfast.


We tried unsuccessfully to fix my printer. Kenna was positive it was out of ink.

It wasn't.

The girls jumped on my bed like I used to let them do when they were littler.





We played in the snow.


I lasted 10 whole bone-chilling minutes.

Kenna and Michal played outside for more than an hour.

When I asked how come they weren't freezing outside they reminded me that Chinese girls are tough, which made me smile.



After plodding through thigh-high snow they finally came back inside and bowled and played tennis on Wii.


And then they had more hot chocolate.

With marshmallows.


They did their homework.

And ate a marshmallow each time they wrote a sentence using one of their Word Wall words.

Michal told us that her main talent is "fashion" and then she wrapped Kenna, her model, in a scarf, put a Santa hat on her head and perched a pair of wire-rimmed glasses on her nose. She then decided she would wear the glasses since they made Kenna look "too adult."

Clearly, what's considered fashionable is a somewhat subjective decision.

Tomorrow we get another Snow Day.

It supposed to be bitterly cold so there won't be any playing in the snow.

There will be hot chocolate though.

And marshmallows.

And a fashion show or two.



  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    If there is going to be snow, I want to live at your house!

  2. The kids saw snow for the first time that they can remember when we went to StL for Christmas. Martina WAY outlasted me--like you, I also stayed out about 10 minutes!

    They predicted snow for San Antonio tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. LOL.

  3. Snow in San Antonio? Wow. That would be something, wouldn't it?

  4. Hi, Kristi. I just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! Also, to let you know that your CNY Celebration post from last year made my presentation to my son's preschool class today a breeze! We read Bringing in the New Year and Red as a Dragon, made lanterns, did the lantern parade coloring pages you posted, and I used your hong bao label, too.
    I also went over the zodiac animals with them, had "easy" chopsticks available for them to practice picking up things, and we listened to Chinese children's music. Thanks again, and may The Year of the Rabbit bring you much happiness!


  5. checking in after a long hiatus - still as cute as ever! happy chinese new year.

  6. Fun time in the snow for all! I found your fairy party on tumblr, correct credit was not given but I figured you would love to see it! http://isleofview-facesoflove.tumblr.com/post/3098415464

  7. Anonymous7:42 AM

    SO fun!


  8. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Cute post - we had 2 snow days too - can't remember what we did though!



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