February 21, 2011

A crazy few days.

We've had a crazy few days.

On Thursday afternoon we had a visit from our local Fire Department after an alarm in the basement went off and I thought it was the carbon monoxide alarm.

It wasn't.

The basement was flooded. And not just flooded but flooded with sewage.

The wonderful plumber arrived quickly, stopped the flooding, and handed me the business card of an equally-wonderful clean up company.

Can I tell you how much a basement flooded with sewage smells and how happy I was when the clean up company walked through my front door?

I joined them in the basement, with rubber gloves and boots on, to figure out what might be salvageable. The clean up crew of four was there until 1:30 in the morning. They cleaned up, threw out, hot-water-washed and applied an antibacterial concoction to the entire basement.

The girls and I spent the night at a hotel and came back on Friday to a sealed off basement, huge fans, a dehumidifier and the lingering smell of cherry and sewage.

Cherry and sewage are really not a good combination.

And then tonight we found out that Michal and Kenna both have strep throat. They're on antibiotics that smell like cherry.

More cherry. Just what we need.


The sealed off basement that we all kept joking looked like something out of ET.


  1. Susan8:50 PM

    It sounds awful, but how awesome that you are maintaining your sense of humor! You "rock".
    At least the antibiotics should have the girls feeling better soon.
    Hope so!
    You all will probably never be able to stand a cherry scent. Sort of like when you get a really bad case of food poisoning and can never eat that food again.
    I hope the basement mess is all cleared up soon, and that M & K are feeling better. I would have to say your good manners are showing by the use of the word "crazy" in your title - I think I would have had to use a different adjective......
    Susan in FL

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Ugh! Do they know what caused the problem? After your carbon monoxide episode I went out and purchased alarms so I am learning from you.

  3. Tree roots.

    Our house was built in 1929 and they used terra-cotta sewer pipes back then. Over time the tree roots have grown through the seams in the pipe reducing the amount of fluid that can flow through them.

    We had a couple 50-degree days, all the snow melted, filled the sewers and backed up into the basement.

    We, of course, didn't know any of this and only learned what was wrong when the plumber put a camera in the pipe and showed us the truly-amazing number of tree roots growing in the pipe.

    The lesson in it all is that you need to have your sewer pipe rodded out every few years if you have old sewer pipes.

    Live and learn.

  4. Oh that is just awful -- all of it! So sorry and sending you all huge hugs.

  5. So Sorry! You seem to be holding up amazing well.

  6. Our basement flooded Friday too! Except our house doesn't smell like cherries, more like a horrible chemical factory. And Vivi was in the hospital for 2 days with unknown infection. Good Lord, we had mirror lives for a few days here. Hope everyone is on the mend.

  7. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Maybe it smelled like cherry since it was the day before George Washington's birthday. We watched the movie, Witches of Eastwick the other night, and if you ever saw it, you would not want to see cherries for a LONG time.

    I assume that Eric was out of town. The men always see to be gone when things like that happen. That must have been a mess for you, but guess it's one way to get things cleaned up.




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